About Us

"DORUK DERİ" was established as a family business in 1986 in istanbul and has become one of the most famous producers in the leather business. Through the years, we have been exporting and many world famous multinational brand marks we supply with leather garments for men and women. Besides of that, we established our own brand mark, which we have been selling in retail for the last 10 years, expanding in so far that we take place among the worlds biggest professional leather stores. In our leather stores, besides leather garment, we also sell high quality furs(mink, chinchilla as well as shearlings), leather products and shoes. It is said that our Antalya, whit more than 7.000 sq.m, is the biggest international professional leather store existing. Obviously we are the biggest Leather Retailer in Turkey. Production and Design is done with the newest machinery/technology available on the market.

We are proud to present our collection that is made up of the world's latest style to our precious costumers' appreciation. Our outstanding shops where you can overview and can place orders for our lastest models are at your service. Leather bag, belt, walled and shoe variations are present at our accessory departments. Our professional sales team, that will guide you in a friendly and delicate manner in your selections, is going to be glad to meet you. Fell the difference and the astonishment of wearing the most quality leather.

The production of leather as a natural product, hash always been,and still is, very complicated. It demands a lot of experience and professional knowledge, as in many steps of the production the decision is made by the human eye, decisions too complicated to be done by machines. It requires a lot of love and patience to create the right product. We therefor hope, that these personal qualities will guide us many years more on our way to expand our retail concept to different international markets.




Altınova Sinan Mah. Serik Cad. Havaalanı Karşısı, No: 367, Kepez / Antalya

(0242) 340 26 12


D400 Karayolu Mah. Gölcük Cad. No: 5, Alanya / Antalya

(0242) 565 36 02


Türkler Mah. Gölcük Cad. No: 5, Alanya / Antalya

(0242) 340 26 12